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The Mathari Childrens' Fund Staff and associates

Titus Mwangi - Team Leader and Social Worker's Fund :
Titus Mwangi Titus Mwangi is a social worker and the Team Leader.  He has worked with the Fund since October, 2001.  Prior to that he worked in community development in Laisamis in northern Kenya, where he ran programs focused on deforestation, AIDS, micro-enterprises and relief food distribution.  Before that he held positions with several socially-oriented projects in and around Mathare, including working for several years as a social worker with the St. Benedict’s Children’s Programme.  He is a graduate in Social Development Studies and holds certificates in leadership skills, community organization, strategic planning and counseling skills.
Richard Oluoch Otieno - Social Worker
Richard Oluoch Otieno Richard Oluoch Otieno has worked with the fund since its inception in the year 1999 as a social worker. Prior to that he worked as a social worker with the St. Benedict’s Street Children Project, a project that he helped to establish in the year 1992 together with the priest in charge at the time the late Fr. Victor Okumu of St.Benedict’s Catholic Church in Nairobi. At the St. Benedicts Children Program Richard worked as a social worker, project facilities manager and financial controller.  Richard holds a certificate of secondary education, conflict resolution and professional counseling, in addiction to training in programs dealing with drugs abuse and HIV/AIDS.
Jophinta Abuoga - Social Worker
Jophinta Abuoga Jophinta Abuoga has worked with the Mathari Childrens' Fund since 2004. Prior to that she held positions in a variety of organisations, including Social Worker in Charge at the Huruma Children's Home.
Rike Jade Beckmann - Project Manager
Rike Jade Beckmann Rike has a diploma in Administrative Science, specializing in public relations and fundraising, particularly in Europe. She is currently working as a project manager for the government of the city of Berlin, Germany. She has a passion for the protection of the environment and human rights. “Sharing is caring” is Rike`s philosophy, and consequently she is working voluntarily for NGOs to spread her knowledge. For the Mathare Children´s Fund she develops PR and fundraising strategies which are implemented by the whole team. In 2012, Rike study for a Masters in Engineering and Management, with a view to starting up her own project. She feels strongly that education is a basic human right, and a fundamental component in watering the seeds of the human spirit. Rike lives in Berlin with her dog.