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A recent Email from Cathal, founder of the Mathari Childrens' Fund...

Hi there,


As you know, I run a street children project in Mathari, a huge slum in Nairobi.  This year we celebrated the graduation of our first four college students – an amazing feat for kids from the slum, and even more proof that the programme is delivering on its promises.  All are now gainfully employed in sectors such as engineering, insurance and IT. 


Needless to say, we want to keep going and help more kids.  There are 114 kids with us right now, and more joining in January.  In past years I have offered to match your donations and this year is no exception - up to a total of €5,000/$6,500 on my part, if you decide to give before December 31st.  As always, all of your donations go directly into the project – none of your money will be spent on administration.


A new way to give

If you’re looking for a last-minute gift, think of donating in honour of someone you care about.  They will receive a tribute card telling them about the donation that was made in their name.  To find out how, click here. 


What do we do?  We help children from the age of four up, who live in Mathari or the surrounding slums.  Many of them are orphans, and all of them live in squalour.  They don't have enough to eat and they can't afford to go to school, so they spend their time scavenging for food.  They face violence, hunger and disease and, without an education, they really have no way out.  We pay for school fees, medicine and food.  We have three social workers who find schools and technical training opportunities, and then work with the children to help them stay with the programme.   We’ve been doing this successfully for the past twelve years.


What are the results? 

·         114 kids in school right now, drug-free, healthy and learning every day, and more joining in January. 

·         Over 400 children helped over the twelve-year life of the programme to date.

·         Four college graduates and more on the way!


What does it cost to change a life?  9 Euro or 12 US Dollars per child per week on average.


What makes this programme special?

·         We keep costs to a minimum so that your money goes further.  Keep a child alive, well and learning for a year – for about the cost of three cappuccinos per week!

·         I and my friends who run the project pay all the administrative expenses, so 100% of your donation goes to run the programme What other charity deducts zero percent of your money for administration?

·         I will match any donation you make between now and December 31st, up to a total of €5,000 / $6,500 on my part.  You'll achieve twice as much with your donation as you could otherwise.

·         The kids themselves: they're children facing unbelievable odds, and they deserve our active support.


The best way to give

Any way is good, but if you pledge a monthly amount – say $30 per month – that enables us to be sure of what we can offer each child in terms of school fees, medicine, food and school books for a year.  You can do this through Paypal or on our Global Giving page – just click on one of the links below.


Charitable donations and tax benefits

·         We are a registered 501 (c) 3 in the US, so all donations are deductible to the fullest extent allowed there.

·         In the UK, the Rivers Charitable Trust will accept donations and in turn make a donation to us, without any deduction whatsoever.  Please reply to this email if you would like to avail of that.

·         In Ireland, Gorta will do the same – please reply to this email if you would like to give via Gorta.


Where can you find out more?

·         Watch a new film about the project on YouTube

·         See our project page on Global Giving

·         Take a look at our new website:   

·         Let's keep in touch:

·         Follow us on Twitter   

·         Add us on Facebook   


·         Subscribe on YouTube



How can you give?

·         By Paypal: simply press the ctrl key and click on one of these links:


One-time Donation - whatever you can give right now

$20 per month - enough for food, clothes, books, medicine and transport for a child for a year

$30 per month - enough to keep a child in primary school for a year

$40 per month - enough to keep a kid in high school for a year

$100 per month - keep a bunch of kids alive, well and learning!


·         Send a cheque to the Mathari Children’s Fund, 4 Russet Lane, Melrose, MA 02176, USA.

·         If you prefer to make an electronic transfer, please reply to this email and I will send you the details.


Thanks very much,